Rev. Barry's Friday Newsletter

This Week in 7/21 Worship

We don’t have monthly potlucks at Grace, but we have added them back in about five times a year. Our next potluck is this coming Sunday at 11:30 AM in Grace Gathering.

This Week in 7/14 Worship

I have been pondering the appeal of this group. It is made up of men from all ages. The youngest is still in our GUMY youth group and at least one of the attendees is in his nineties. It is made up of people from each of our worship services and some who don’t come to worship at all.

This week in 7/7 worship

I was sitting in the same exact spot last year on the Fourth of July. I know that is not an earth-shattering revelation to most people, but it made me realize that I have now been in Olathe for an entire year serving as your pastor. It was the first time that I was doing something for the second time in Olathe.

This Week in 6/30 Worship

I know the title of my email is this week in worship, but first I want to tell you what is happening at the church on Saturday morning.

This Week in 6/23 Worship

This Sunday we will start a new sermon series that I have been planning for five years, I just had not planned it for Grace.

This Week in June 16 Worship

This Sunday we will celebrate Wesley’s ordination at Grace. A reception will be held at the coffee shop between 10:00 and 11:00 am. Come and enjoy a piece of cake as we congratulate Wesley on his journey.