About Labyrinths

Just a little history:    Labyrinths appear in almost every religious tradition and have been used for at least 4000 years.   The earliest known Christian labyrinth was discovered in a 4th century basilica in Algeria.   In the Middle Ages, walking the labyrinth became a spiritual practice of the Church, often as an alternative to making a pilgrimage.

In our day, labyrinths have been rediscovered and promoted as a spiritual tool for healing, deepening self-knowledge and creativity.  Walking the Labyrinth is a way of connecting to God, centering oneself, focusing one’s mind in prayer. Its circularity and turns to the left and right reinforce an integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and help in calming, clarifying, and focusing.   In fact, back in the 4th century, St. Augustine noted that “all problems can be solved by a walk” (solvitur ambulando).

Our hope at Grace is that the Labyrinth will be used by church members as a prayer tool in their spiritual life and by the community as a resource for healing, self-knowledge, and creativity.  


The Grace Labyrinth Construction:

The original construction (2007) and re-construction (2019-2020)


Helpful tips for the walk:

The Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool used for prayer, insights, centering, and connecting to God. There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth, but here are some tips to make it an intentional, spiritual practice.

  • Prepare: Take a moment to breathe deeply and center yourself. Choose a scripture, word, or phrase to carry into the labyrinth.
  • The Journey in: Follow the path, let go, and don’t try to control the experience. Walk with an open heart and an open mind.
  • Reaching the Center: Receive what insight the moment offers. Reflect, listen, pray, or journal. Stay as long as you need.
  • The Journey Out: Return following the same path. Reflect on how you might carry this experience into your life.

May you find joy, peace, and healing on the path!

Recent Events:

All Saints Luminary and Labyrinth Walk – 11/7/21

As a special part of our All Saints Celebration, we gathered in our outdoor worship area to share a 15 minute worship time, and then moved to a luminary walk in our labyrinth – the light of candles at dusk helping us to walk with grace in memory and return in humble gratitude.

This opportunity was for everyone in the community, for all ages and life experiences, for any of us seeking to remember and reflect in special ways and move into the coming holidays with gratitude for all that have come before, for grace present, and for a future filled with faith.

October 4, 2020:

Pastor Cheryl led the blessing of the labyrinth after outdoor worship!