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Camp SOS 2024 Recap Video

Enjoy this recap of the missions work done by our preteens in 2024.

This Week in 6/23 Worship

This Sunday we will start a new sermon series that I have been planning for five years, I just had not planned it for Grace.

VBS July 15-18: Register/Volunteer/Donate

VBS July 15-18: Register/Volunteer/Donate

Grace Notes – June 17

In this issue: June 23rd Worship, As the Page Turns, 8 AM Outdoor Worship, Disney Event, Summer Office Hours, Care Ministry Seminar, This Week at Grace, Start the Party!

This Week in June 16 Worship

This Sunday we will celebrate Wesley’s ordination at Grace. A reception will be held at the coffee shop between 10:00 and 11:00 am. Come and enjoy a piece of cake as we congratulate Wesley on his journey.

Weekly Devotion: Why Bother Praying?

Up in heaven, there is a mighty legion of angels, sitting at switchboards, answering prayers. The angels hear a prayer, evaluate its intensity, and respond accordingly. The really BIG prayers go up to the ladder for God to handle.

Hmm. Is that how prayer works? Not sure about that.

Grace Notes – June 10

June 16th Worship, The Burger Boys, 8 AM Outdoor Worship, Grace Shirts, Reception for Pastor Wes, Disney Event, Blood Drive, Blanket Ministry, Summer Office Hours, This Week at Grace, Care Ministry Seminar, Start the Party! VBS

This Week in 6/9 Worship

This Sunday, Pastor Mitch will continue our series on the “Gospel According to Dr. Seuss” by preaching on Yertle the Turtle. The 9:00 am traditional worship will also include a time to commission our youth summer mission trips. Join us in person or online to hear the lesson found in Yertle the Turtle.

Weekly Devotion: Elephants, Chimps, and Dolphins

Elephants, Chimps, and Dolphins. To that list you can add porpoises, parrots, whales, crows, and humans.

What do these creatures have in common? They all have purpose.

Grace Notes – June 3

In this issue: June 9th Worship, Blood Drive, 8 AM Outdoor Worship, Y.E.S. First Friday, Caring Ministry Event, Disney 100 Event, VBS Registration, This Week at Grace, Grace Shirts, Pride Parade

This Week in Worship – 5/31 edition

This Sunday we will continue our worship series on “The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss” when we look at his story called The Sneetches. It is not as famous as The Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham, but it has an important message for the church. Whether you are a Star Belly Sneetch or a Plain Belly Sneetch, you are welcome at Grace.

June Senior Adults Newsletter

The YES (Young, Energetic Seniors) Spotlight, June edition, is here!

Weekly Devotion: FOMO

I have FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out. I never thought it would happen to me, but sometimes it’s as if everybody else is experiencing rapture, and I’m feeling Left Behind.

Grace Notes – May 28

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VBS 2024

Let’s Start the Party! Jesus gives us the most amazing reason to party: friendship, belonging, forgiveness, abundant life and purpose! Join us for Vacation Bible School this summer as we […]

This Week in Worship – 5/24 edition

For some people on the autism spectrum, it can feel like a very lonely world. Salina had a wonderful community theater program for children, so we took him to audition for the summer musical. Kyle had nothing prepared, no experience and not the best attitude, but for some reason he earned a part. The show was Seussical the Musical.

Weekly Devotion: Embarrass Your Enemies

Could you imagine a member of some occupying force throwing their backpack in your lap and saying, “let’s go, punk”? They’re the one with all the power in this scenario, so how could you refuse?

Grace Notes – May 20

In this issue: May 26th Worship, Blood Drive, Grace Kids & Youth Update, In Loving Memory, Episodes of Grace, This Week at Grace, COG Ribbon Cutting, S.O.S. Sign Up, Office Closed

This Week in Worship – 5/17 edition

Over the next five weeks, we will dig deeper into some of his books and see how they connect to the Gospel. This Sunday, Pastor Wes will begin with his favorite Dr. Suess book, “Green Eggs and Ham.” Join us as we try something new in worship and don’t forget to wear your red.

Averting My Gaza

I was a student at Southwestern College in Winfield in 1990, when the first Gulf War erupted. And I protested the heck out of it.

Grace Notes – May 13

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This Week in Worship – 5/10 edition

There is much to celebrate and share. Mainstream UMC is hosting a General Conference Wrap-up at our church on Tuesday, May 14 at 7 PM in the Celebration Center.

Weekly Devotion: Trial of the Century?

There are no less than 30 different trials that folks have considered THE trial of the 20th Century: The Scopes Monkey trial, the Lindbergh kidnapping trial, the impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton, and of course, who could forget the O.J. Simpson trial?

Grace Notes – May 6

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This Week in Worship – May 3

This Friday’s email may seem a little disconnected, but I have three important things to share with you today. I will give a brief update on General Conference, share what to expect in worship this Sunday and finally invite you to participate in a survey about our Sunday morning worship schedule.

Weekly Devotion: Are You Qualified?

Remember, Paul was just…a guy. All the accolades came later. He had a lot of religious training growing up, and he had this first-hand experience of Jesus he talked about, but mostly, he was just this really passionate guy trying to spread the good news.

The May YES Spotlight is here

May news for Grace 55+

Join Pastor Wes in his podcast!

James helps us to know what the source of conflict is, the dangers of unhealthy conflict, and how to navigate conflict when it comes.

Grace Notes – April 29

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Camp SOS for 4th/5th graders is coming

Current 2023-2024 4th and 5th graders, plan on joining us June 17-20 for an experience put together especially for you!  

This Week in Worship – 4/26

I can’t remember the last time I felt this proud and hopeful to be part of the United Methodist Church. Yesterday was a great day, but I believe there are even greater days coming in our future.

Weekly Devotion: United Methodissed

How do you respond when people are talking smack about you? No, more than just trash talking. Flat out bullying. I’m talking about bitterness, wrath, anger, and malice. All the stuff from this verse from Ephesians. It’s been directed at my denomination, and it’s breaking my heart.

Grace Notes – April 22

In this issue: April 28th Worship, First Friday Fellowship, HS Senior Celebration, Y.E.S. to New Theatre, Confirmation Ceremony, “Join or Die” Screening, Olathe Comm. Orch., This Week at Grace, Grace Kids

This Week in Worship – 4/19

This week I received a beautiful thank you letter from Barb McEver at Project 1020. If you remember, Project 1020 was our Advent mission and we raised over $21,000 to support the only cold weather shelter in Johnson County for people who are experiencing homelessness.

Weekly Devotion: Is God Trustworthy?

Allow me to lean a little. On my own understanding, that is.

See, I have some issues trusting God with ALL my heart. As I’ve experienced it, when somebody says “trust me”, at least 50% of the time they’re hiding something. I guess I’ve just experienced enough shady used-car salespeople to think otherwise.

Grace Notes – April 15

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This Week In Worship – 4/12

Mission trips never go exactly as planned, but they always make a difference in the lives of the people we meet and the people who serve. You will hear more about the trip a week from Sunday in worship.

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Weekly Devotion: Could We Reset the Internet?

Let’s make this year an Internet Jubilee. Let’s reset the whole thing.

Let me explain…

Grace Notes – April 8

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Pastor Wes’s April 7 Sermon Link

This is the link to the sermon Pastor Wes is preaching about on April 7.

Grace Notes – April 2

In this issue: April 7th Worship, An Invitation, Our Tochi Team, In Loving Memory, Grace Kids, This Week at Grace, Y.E.S. First Friday

Weekly Devotion: Switched

Anybody remember “Switched on Bach?” We had it on 8-track when I was growing up. It was created by a guy named Walter Carlos. He took classical Bach pieces and […]

April Y.E.S. Spotlight

The newsletter for Grace’s Young Energetic Seniors

This Week in Worship – 3/29

We have already changed the color draped on the cross outside the church and in the Celebration Center. Black also describes how we feel about this day. So why do we call today Good Friday?

Weekly Devotion: Let’s Go Make Me Famous

It’s kind of a funny sentence. To be glorified, by definition, is “bringing fame or admiration.” So, essentially, Jesus is saying: “Let’s go make me famous.” Ha!

I don’t think that’s exactly how we should interpret this, but it does make me think about Jesus’ fame.

Grace Notes – March 25

In this issue: Easter Sunday, In Loving Memory, Holy Week Schedule, This Week at Grace, Grace Kids, Y.E.S. First Friday, Office Closed, Extravaganza

This Week in Worship – 3/22

This Sunday begins our most important liturgical week of the year as we remember the events that are central to our faith. I am excited to share Holy Week with you for the first time. We begin with Palm Sunday at all three of our morning worship services.

Weekly Devotion: Bloodbath

A certain presidential candidate used the word “bloodbath” recently. There is some debate about in what context he said it. Was it a threat? A prediction? Something else? Just for kicks, I searched my bible for any passages that mentioned both “blood” and “bath”. And look what I found:

Grace Notes – March 18

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This Week in Worship – 3/15

This Sunday I am inviting you to fill our worship service by wearing green to honor Saint Patrick. Let’s make it a “Green Day” and have the time of our life!

Weekly Devotion: The Church is Burning

Here’s what I dreamed last night (really): I was standing just outside a large Sanctuary, with large stones and organ pipes framing the front. It was the end of a trustees meeting. I heard a rumble and looked. There, on the left, chunks of plaster and wood began to fall down, as if the roof […]

Blood Drive this Sunday

Join us this Sunday morning to give blood while you’re at church. You can even reserve a time between 8:45 and 12:15 that works for you. Schedule it: Here

Grace Notes – March 11

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This Week in Worship – 3/8

In just a few weeks we will celebrate Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday. This Sunday we have another exciting change in worship, and I am not talking about the time change. By the way, don’t forget to change your clocks on Saturday.

Weekly Devotion: Do You Like Me?

He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Matthew 16:15

Is this a design flaw? I seem to care an awful lot about what others think about me. I’ll spend quite a bit of time wondering about people’s real opinion of me. Do they think I’m funny? Nice? Talented? Authentic? Why does it matter so much?

Grace Notes – Mar 4

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This Week in Worship – 3/1

Grace Extravaganza has raised over 1.5 million dollars in our first 19 years, and our goal is to take that over 1.6 million this year. All of that money is used to make a difference in our community and our world. I still feel the same way I did when I woke up, “It is going to be a great day!”

March Y.E.S. Spotlight

Please enjoy the newsletter for Grace Seniors here: March 2024 Spotlight

Weekly Devotion: Thomas Jefferson’s Bible

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 If you could edit the Bible, what parts would you cut out? I might be tempted to take out the book of Joshua, with its violent, merciless battles.

Help our Tochi Mission Team

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Highlight Reel from Blessing Sunday

September 10 we gathered for the blessing of the backpacks, animals, cars – with food truck treats, ministries info, and underwear donation for Center of Grace!

Fall 2023 Bible Studies

Register HERE or use the QR code in the graphic below! Descriptions Find the full brochure with descriptions and all other info here. Jesus in the Gospels About: In a […]

Episodes of Grace Podcast

Do you want to engage in Bible study but maybe you don’t have the time to come for a class? Check out this new podcast. Listen to weekly episodes on […]