Rev. Mitch's Tuesday Devotion

Averting My Gaza

I was a student at Southwestern College in Winfield in 1990, when the first Gulf War erupted. And I protested the heck out of it.

Weekly Devotion: Trial of the Century?

There are no less than 30 different trials that folks have considered THE trial of the 20th Century: The Scopes Monkey trial, the Lindbergh kidnapping trial, the impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton, and of course, who could forget the O.J. Simpson trial?

Weekly Devotion: Are You Qualified?

Remember, Paul was just…a guy. All the accolades came later. He had a lot of religious training growing up, and he had this first-hand experience of Jesus he talked about, but mostly, he was just this really passionate guy trying to spread the good news.

Weekly Devotion: United Methodissed

How do you respond when people are talking smack about you? No, more than just trash talking. Flat out bullying. I’m talking about bitterness, wrath, anger, and malice. All the stuff from this verse from Ephesians. It’s been directed at my denomination, and it’s breaking my heart.

Weekly Devotion: Is God Trustworthy?

Allow me to lean a little. On my own understanding, that is.

See, I have some issues trusting God with ALL my heart. As I’ve experienced it, when somebody says “trust me”, at least 50% of the time they’re hiding something. I guess I’ve just experienced enough shady used-car salespeople to think otherwise.

Weekly Devotion: Could We Reset the Internet?

Let’s make this year an Internet Jubilee. Let’s reset the whole thing.

Let me explain…