Weekly Devotion: Is God Trustworthy?

Allow me to lean a little. On my own understanding, that is.

See, I have some issues trusting God with ALL my heart. As I’ve experienced it, when somebody says “trust me”, at least 50% of the time they’re hiding something. I guess I’ve just experienced enough shady used-car salespeople to think otherwise.

Weekly Devotion: Could We Reset the Internet?

Let’s make this year an Internet Jubilee. Let’s reset the whole thing.

Let me explain…

Weekly Devotion: Switched

Anybody remember “Switched on Bach?” We had it on 8-track when I was growing up. It was created by a guy named Walter Carlos. He took classical Bach pieces and performed them with synthesizers. It was awesome, and formational for my love of music.

A few years later, I found out that Walter had become Wendy. This was my first time hearing about somebody being transgender.

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Weekly Devotion: Let’s Go Make Me Famous

It’s kind of a funny sentence. To be glorified, by definition, is “bringing fame or admiration.” So, essentially, Jesus is saying: “Let’s go make me famous.” Ha!

I don’t think that’s exactly how we should interpret this, but it does make me think about Jesus’ fame.