Up on the Rooftop

WE ARE HAVING DRIVE-IN ROOFTOP WORSHIP ON CHRISTMAS EVE AT 4:30!!!! I know, right? I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Remember the FM station worship we did over the summer? It’s that only colder!

Here are the upfront qualifications and limitations: The temp. must be predicted at 25 degrees Fahrenheit or higher – that’s on Busby and right now he’s predicting 36 so all good; there must be NO PRECIPITATION of any kind – I promise Santa will still be able to make it to your homes later even if there’s NO SNOW at 4:30 p.m.; and we will make the final call to GO OR NO GO on December 23 by 4:30 and put the final decision on all our Social Media Platforms and email. (It’s a go! Tune in to 87.9 FM when you arrive.)

So just as it’s getting dark at 5:00-5:10, we will pass the light of our headlights along the rows of cars as we sing Silent Night!!! Once in a lifetime memorable Christmas Eve Event that we’ll celebrate and hope to never have to do again! Wahooooo!

— Pastor Nanette