Tochi Buddies Update

The Tochimizolco Medical Mission was canceled due to the COVID-19 virus approximately a month before the team was scheduled to leave.  The president of the Clinic Board doesn’t live in Tochi, and couldn’t tell us what the situation was there.  Our prayer is that they are taking preventive measures and staying safe.

The team was very fortunate that American Airlines refunded the airfare completely and Blessings International where we purchase the majority of the medicine we take with us, allowed us to return the medicine for a full refund.

There have been a few Tochi Buddy/Ops donations and they can be returned if requested or stay in the account for the trip in 2021, God willing for the team to go.    Money will be sent for additional medicine in Tochi should they need it to replace what we usually take for their on-going use.  The usual quarterly support for the doctor, dentist and supplies has been sent and will continue to be sent.  Thank you to all who support this mission in prayer and donations and to Grace Church for caring about the people of this small mountainous place in the world.