Tochi Buddies 30 Year Anniversary

This is an anniversary year for the medical and dental teams that have gone to Tochimizolco, Puebla, Mexico since 1989.  Over those years more than 200 persons from what was First UMC and now Grace UMC have traveled to this remote village in central Mexico to take medical and dental ministry, but also the love of Christ in action.  While changes have taken place that have improved life for many in that area, poverty is still the rule.  Mexico has made many strides forward but the needs in the rural areas are still great.

The Medical and Dental Team to Tochimizolco brings with them a large quantity of medicine, which will supply our partner clinic for most of the year.  If you would like to participate in providing medicine and care for patients, fill out the form below and see what a difference your gift could make.

If you would like to support the team with prayers and financial gifts, please print the form below.  Attach your gift and return it to the church office or place in the offering plate. You may also pick up a form from the church office, or in one of the kiosk’s.  Your team members will reap many benefits of God’s grace through your participation and you will be a valuable part of the team.

Some of the suggested ways you can give include:

Our portion of doctor’s salary    $150/month    x_______   =    _______
Medicine stipend to clinic          $90/month    x_______   =      _______
1000 Ibuprofen                            $18.50        x_______   =      _______
Antibiotic treatment                   $10.40/child    x_______   =     _______
1000 Multivitamin                     $16.25        x_______   =    _______
Medicine cost during caravan $750/day    x_______   =    _______
Reading glasses                          $12/4 pack    x_______   =    _______
Prescription glasses                  $36/6 pair    x_______   =    _______

All costs shown are estimates.

Donations for items in excess of need will be used for other needs.
Please make checks payable to GUMC and write ‘TOCHI’ in the memo line.  Attach this form with your check and put it in the offering plate or return to the church office.

Questions?  Contact Lois Waters at [email protected]