This Week in Worship – 8/6

Dear Grace Family,

Last week our family celebrated the second birthday of our granddaughter, Scarlett. Diana and I only have one grandchild, so we get to pour a lot of energy and love into that little girl. During her first year of life, Scarlett’s mom did a great job of taking pictures every month to celebrate her growth. She had two different settings. One was Harry Potter and the other was the Kansas City Royals. Those two themes describe perfectly the relationship I have with my daughter and now my granddaughter. For the first year and maybe a little longer, we always described our granddaughter in terms of months. Scarlett is 5 months old, 8 months old, 14 months old. For some reason, 2 years of age is when we stop counting in months and start counting in years.

This Sunday, I am officially one month old as your pastor. We celebrated worship together for the first time on July 2nd. Being appointed to a new church is kind of like being born again. Not only are we stepping into a new world, but we are also creating brand new relationships. Mitch, Jan, Diana and I would all agree that our first month has been wonderful. Grace church has lived up to her name by showing us grace and love as we navigate the new world we have entered. Like a newborn, it will take us some time to learn how to crawl and walk, but eventually we will take off running. For a while we will count our progress in months, but we all look forward to the day when we mark our time at Grace in years. Thank you for your patience as we begin this journey together.

This Sunday we will continue our worship series “What is So Amazing About Grace” as Wesley Gately-Price shares a message on “Pilgrims.” You will want to hear what it means to be a “dispenser of grace” as we walk together in faith and share in Holy Communion. In Common Grace, Mitch will preach the second sermon in his series, “A matter of Convenience.” Whether you worship in person or online, it will be a great Sunday fill your spirit at Grace United Methodist Church.

See you in worship,

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