This Week in Worship – 8/25

Dear Grace Family,

With the 100 plus temperatures, it is hard to believe that Fall is upon us. School has already started for most students; trees will soon start changing colors and we can finally stop talking about how poorly the Royals are playing and turn our attention to the best football team in the NFL. Fall is truly a time of transitions and that includes the church. If you have not been attending worship in person this summer, now is a great time to come back to the church.

All summer we have been asking the question, “What is so amazing about grace?” It really has two meanings. What is amazing about Grace United Methodist Church and what is amazing about God’s grace in our lives? This Sunday we will address the first of four specific questions about grace and the church. I borrowed the four questions from Philip Yancey.

  • Does faith matter? (The Church Question)
  • Is there anyone else? (The God Question)
  • Why are we here? (The Human Question)
  • How should we live? (The Social Question)

In Common Grace, Mitch is starting a new sermon series on the Six Covenants found in the Bible. Covenant defines how we live together with God and with one another. We were created for covenant from the very beginning.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of you in worship or at our In-home Meetings. There is an energy every time we get together that I believe is directly connected to God’s Holy Spirit. Let’s continue to open ourselves to God’s Spirit this Fall as we grow together in Grace.

See you in worship,

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