This Week in Worship – 2/9

Dear Grace Family,

I am going to preface my Friday email by admitting that I do not believe God cares who wins a football game. Not just the big game this Sunday, but any football game. Football victories or losses are not at the top of “God’s List of Concerns.” I on the other hand have a deep passion for our Kansas City Chiefs. God may not care who wins, but God cares about us, and I believe that God loves to watch us experience joy. For that reason, we have declared February 11 as Red Sunday at Grace United Methodist Church.

I realize that most of you don’t need any encouragement to wear your Chief’s red to worship during the football season. I have loved watching your team spirit as you come to church. We realize that the success we have watched the last few years is not the norm. Even making it to the Super Bowl is a monumental task. To play in the game four out of five years is even rarer. It is okay to celebrate the accomplishments of this team and to experience the joy that we share as a community. Wear your colors with pride. You might even see your pastors in their liturgical red!

The color in worship this Sunday is red, but the theme is actually green. We will finish our sermon series on “Six Thing Jesus Never Talked About” by discussing climate change. What does the Bible say about our responsibility to care for the earth? I look forward to seeing you in worship.

Go Chiefs!

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