This Week in Worship – 2/2

Dear Grace Family,

A few weeks ago we had a person come to the church office asking to talk to a pastor. I will confess that usually I try to avoid these conversations. It is not that I am against providing pastoral care or support to a person in need, but I know that most of these guests are looking for financial assistance. Often it is a legitimate need, but it can also be a scam. I am not very good at discerning the difference, so I try to refer them to an organization that has more experience like the Center of Grace.

To my surprise, our visitor that day was not coming to ask for anything. He was a former pastor of an evangelical church, but now he worked in the secular world. He drives by our church multiple times a day and sees our sign that says, “All Are Welcome!” He simply wanted to meet the pastor and say thank you. His sister is gay, and he had worked hard to get his church to be more accepting. He thought he had made some progress, but his purpose in stopping was not to talk about his church. He simply wanted to meet the pastor at Grace and say thank you. Even though he is not a member of Grace, our sign gives him encouragement every day. He said to me, “What you are doing is important, thank you for having the courage to boldly say that everyone is welcome. I need to see that every day.”

Some days in ministry are hard. We don’t always get it right and we disappoint people or even cause pain, but on that day, I knew that I was in the right place. We do make a difference, often with people we never meet. This Sunday our worship topic is LGBTQ Rights. Jesus never said anything directly about human sexuality, but he was always inviting people to the table that society said were unacceptable. During worship we will offer communion at the Lord’s Table. You are invited to come and receive the grace of God where everyone is welcome.

See you in worship,

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