This Week in Worship – 1/5

Dear Grace Family,

When I started seminary (many years ago now), one of the first classes we had to take was Bible. It was a six-hour class that was taught by both the New Testament and Hebrew Bible Professors. Not only was it an outstanding class, but it was also one of the most difficult classes I took. We started with 80 students and ended with 60. Even today, it is one of the best foundations I could have for ministry in the local church.

On the first day of class, Warren Carter started his lecture by saying, “There is a bumper sticker that I see on cars sometimes. It says The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it! If you have that bumper sticker on your car, you will not do well in my class.” He was warning us that the Bible is a complex book written over many centuries. It is a book that speaks to many things, but the answers that come from the Bible are not always simple. In addition, there are things the Bible nor Jesus ever addresses. That is why we engage in the hard work of studying our scriptures and trying to understand how God is speaking to us today.

This week we will start a new sermon series called, Six Things Jesus Never Talked About. We will address six controversial issues and engage in the hard work of listening for God’s voice in our scriptures. At the end of the day, we may not all agree on what we hear, that is why we call them controversial. It would be easy to avoid these subjects, but they are too important to ignore. One of my favorite John Wesley quotes says, “Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike? May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion? Without all doubt, we may.” I have faith that at Grace we choose to love even when we are not of one mind.

This Sunday we will address Artificial Intelligence. What are the benefits and what are the dangers? How do we use technology to build up our faith rather than distract us from God? Are the machines really going to take over or is God still above all things? It would have been much easier if Jesus had talked clearly about AI. Maybe I should ask my computer what Jesus would have said.

See you in worship,

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