This Week in Worship – 1/26

Dear Grace Family,

There are many reasons that I love Grace United Methodist Church but let me add one more that I have discovered recently. As pastors, we decided to put together a challenging sermon series this January where we talk about some of the issues that divide us as a nation. The title, “Six Things Jesus Never Talked About” is starting to make more sense. Jesus was smart enough not to talk about them. He didn’t need to add that stress to his life. Mitch, Wes and I are not as smart as Jesus, so we turned it into a very public conversation.

Now for the part I love about Grace. We are halfway through the series and so far, we have had nothing but positive and respectful conversations. That does not mean everyone has agreed with what we have said, but that is not our goal. These are complicated issues that we need to address because they are not going away. Grace has lived up to her name as we explore these issues and try to hear what God is saying to us. Thank you for being Grace!

This Sunday we have another tough subject, immigration. Jesus may not have said anything about immigration, but the Bible is full of stories about people who are on the move. In that spirit, Mitch and I decided we would do a little immigrating this Sunday ourselves. Pastor Mitch will preach and lead worship at 9:00 and 11:00 and I will be in Common Grace at 10:15. We look forward to stepping out of our natural “Sunday Morning Habitats” and worshipping with other members of our Grace family.

See you in worship,

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