This Week in Worship – 1/19

Dear Grace Family,

We have received reports that many church members are getting text messages that say they are from me. If you respond they will ask you to buy gift cards. This is a scam that has been happening to pastors and their churches for years. Please ignore the texts. No one on staff at Grace will ever text or email you a request to buy gift cards. If it sounds fishy, it probably is.

This Sunday we will continue our sermon series “Six Things Jesus Never Talked About.” The subject is not text scams (although Jesus never talked about that either), but Gun Violence. On Wednesday, six people were injured by gunfire at Crown Center. We don’t have a lot of details, but preliminary reports point to a dispute between two groups of young people that quickly escalated into gunfire. Most of the people injured were teens or in their early twenties. These stories have become so common that we are rarely surprised.

Jesus never talked about gun violence because there were no guns in his day, but he did talk a lot about how we should live with each other. We are not going to solve the issues around gun violence this Sunday, but we also are not going to pretend that gun violence is not a major concern in our society. Maybe it is time for the church to promote a vision of a better world.

See you in worship,

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