This Week in 6/23 Worship

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday we will start a new sermon series that I have been planning for five years, I just had not planned it for Grace. It started when I got the book, Short Stories by Amy-Jill Levine. It is about the parables of Jesus and my first thought before I even read the book was to turn it into a sermon series. Then I discovered that Amy-Jill Levine was taking a much deeper dive into these stories than I had ever read before. I put the sermon series together, but before I could preach it, the Bishop called. I would soon be moving to Manhattan to serve a new church.

When I arrived in Manhattan, I shared with the pastoral staff that I had an idea for a sermon series on the parables. I received one of those funny looks that you get when someone does not want to share difficult news. The previous pastor had just preached a series on the parables. Not only had he preached the series, but he had also based it off of the same book and called the series, “Short Stories.” I would like to think that great minds think alike, but the truth is I was just disappointed.

Five years later I am finally going to preach my sermon series on the parables. The good news is that the parables are timeless. They have been speaking to followers of Jesus for over 2000 years. The six parables I have selected are not the most popular. Some are only a few verses long, but they are full of meaning. Over the next six weeks, we will dig in and hear the message of Jesus through these short stories. I hope it will be worth the wait.

See you in worship!


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