Tiny Resurrections

Only a couple of sermon notes this week. First, as a pastor, I find myself wanting to remember that Easter is a season and not just a day. We do so much better when we celebrate the Resurrection as the inaguration of a new era, instead of just a one-time happeneing. Today we’re reflecting on tiny resurrections.

John’s gospel doesn’t include parables in the sense that we often think about them – Jesus speaking a story to a crowd for the purpose of teaching or instruction. But it does include some metaphorical sayings like we’re reflecting on today.

It is interesting to note the context of this saying – it comes within the Holy Week narrative of John’s Gospel. Jesus has made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and is literally in the midst of his final hours of life. It is helpful for us to notice, then, that Jesus is speaking about himself — but also speaking about a truth that is beyond himself. We are invited to reflect on that truth today.