Finding Ourselves

Today we’re in week two of a brief series called Found: Following God into an Unknown Future. We’re looking at a few excerpts from the life and story of Moses as we move into the summer and into our pastoral transition. As I’ve been preparing for this series, I kept coming back to some fundamental truths that we see in Moses’ life that will help guide us through celebration, grief, uncertainty, and into the future.

As I was writing this sermon, I couldn’t help but think that we could spend weeks on this topic. Indeed, many people spend years in personal work, or in relationship with a professional, working on dismantling and deconstructing the “false selves” that we harbor. Know that this is an introductory conversation on that work. And know that this is something that is deeply, deeply tied to our faith; it’s what God calls us to, guides us through, and invites us to say yes to. Our hope and focus for this day is about how this work helps guide us into the unknown — and most especially the unknown of the future that we move into in the near future.