Grace Notes – Mar 20


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We currently have volunteer opportunities on weekdays at the church – and you could be a gift to our community if you’re available!

First, we’re looking for people to help with our financial processes on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. In 60-90 minutes, you’ll help count and record offerings while ensuring proper handling of gifts. This work is imperative, but it also doesn’t require a background in finance or accounting – just the ability to focus on details for an hour and a willingness to serve once or twice a month.

A second opportunity would be to serve as regular office support. This would mean serving for a few hours one day a week (as your availability allows) to help answer doors, phones, and simple questions about the church, while also being involved with small projects in the office.

If any of these roles would be of interest to you and you want to learn more – or if you’d like to find a different way to serve on weekdays – will you reach out to Charlene Parkinson today at [email protected]?

We are excited to resume our annual medical, dental, and optical caravan this year as we continue our 34-year partnership with Tochimizolco, Puebla, Mexico. In the last three years, we’ve partnered with Dayspring UMC in Tempe, AZ to provide a year-round medical and dental clinic. This year, we’ll be returning for the first time since before the pandemic to support the doctor and dentist in Tochi and provide free care for more than 500 people! You are a critical part of this medical/dental team by your prayers and financial support. Each year the needs are similar, but punctuated by something unusual that God has brought to the team. We’d be so grateful if you’d be willing to support the team with prayer or a donation. The teams have been convinced that prayers have helped solve difficult situations in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. If you’d like to give financially, you can find information at the Connect Hubs on Sunday morning, or you can use the link below, choose “Tochi Buddies” from the dropdown menu. Our team thanks you for your prayers, the opportunity to be in mission, and your financial consideration of the Tochimizolco Mission.

Click Here to Make a Donation

The Grace Extravaganza website is up and will be through the end of March. Please note that we have opened back up tickets for the LINE DANCING CLASS with Katie and Danny Goyer. This event is scheduled for Friday, April 28, 6:30-8:30 pm in the Grace Gathering Room. Using the link below, look for it under the “FIXED PRICE ITEMS” tab.

Donations can also still be made to FUND THE NEED, which will go toward parking lot and outdoor lighting renovation at Center of Grace, through the 31st of this month. Click on the link below and use the FUND THE NEED tab to make a donation. Contact Liz Dunsing at
[email protected] or (913) 269-4233

9:00 & 11:00 AM Traditional Worship
“What do you want?”
Rev. Kyle Reynolds

Scripture Reading:
Gospel: Mark 10:46-52
10:15 AM Common Grace Modern Worship
“Bigger Houses and Storage Units”
Rev. Wes Gately-Price

Scripture Reading:
Luke 12:13-26
We’re continuing with our series called Short Stories with Jesuslooking at the parables and what they mean for us today! Join us each week through Easter for a fresh look at a familiar story.

Childcare will be provided at both services.

Click Here to Purchase Easter Lilies

Contact Charlene: [email protected]

Grace Notes – Feb 13


February 19th Worship, Basket Items, Ash Wednesday, GUMY Help Needed, Thank You from Nanette, Table Hosts, Give to UMCOR, Desserts Needed, Tickets on Sale, COG Hygiene List, Donations Needed

February 19th Worship

9:00 & 11:00 AM Traditional Worship
Rev. Mike Chamberlain

Scripture Reading:
Old Testament: Exodus 24:12-18
Gospel: Matthew 17:1-9
10:15 AM Common Grace Modern Worship
“Kingdom’s Kitchen”
Rev. Kyle Reynolds

Matthew 13:33
Zechariah 4:10
We’re continuing with our new series called Short Stories with Jesuslooking at the parables and what they mean for us today! Join us each week through Easter for a fresh look at a familiar story.
Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany

Dear Members and Friends of Grace,
How ‘bout those CHIEEEEEEFS?!!? That being said, I take this opportunity to offer you my heartfelt and humble thanks, most especially for the last two weeks of my service at Grace. To say I was overwhelmed by the gathering on January 22 would be a vast understatement. From the music to the words shared to the smiles and laughter to the wonderful offerings of love and cards and care – there simply aren’t enough words, even for me, to share the depth of my gratitude. For friends from all the churches I had the honor of serving over my career, I am humbled to see and remember with you our time together.

Thank you also for your presence to worship God on my last Sunday. Your tolerance of my purple chucks, my attempt at a little humor, and the focus on God and the word of God was my dream for that last Sunday – and God and you fulfilled it beyond any expectation I might have had.

And let me also thank you for our lifetime in ministry together. God has been doing mighty things in all the ups and downs of our history from 1st United Methodist in downtown Olathe and south to Harrison, to Hope United Methodist new church start, to the discernment for those two communities to come together into Grace United Methodist with the development of a second campus Center of Grace Mission Center is nothing but the miraculous vision, commitment of faithful people, and fulfillment through the hand of God. To have had the opportunity to be a part of one of those chapters, and most specially to get to know and work alongside and create friendship and community with you is the greatest honor of my life.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future for both of us.  God is not and will not be done with ministry through Grace until God’s reign is fulfilled on earth, even as it is in heaven. Blessings to you for the journey ahead, my prayers will not cease for you and the faith community of Grace I so love. I will move on to whatever the next chapter is that God has for me, and you will never be far from my heart. By God’s grace and Spirit, we will always be connected through shared ministry and faith through the promise of Jesus and his life we seek to live together.

Peace to you, and always grace!

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) is providing disaster relief for the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. If you would like to contribute, you may use the link provided which will take you to the Grace website. Click on “Disaster Relief.” Your contribution will be sent to UMCOR. Thank you!

Click Here to Give to UMCOR

$35 for adults and $7.50 for children

Purchase Extravaganza Tickets Here

Donations Needed for Grace Extravaganza:
“Once Upon a Time for Missions”

Donations are a critical part of the success of this event, and we need your help to secure donations for both silent and live auctions. Past donations have included vacation timeshares, hotel getaways, gift certificates, fine art, sports tickets, event tickets, dishes, toys, jewelry, classes and even puppies! New and antique items only please. Drop off donations in the church office through March 1st.
Contact Brad Mitchell at [email protected]
or (913) 484-5378.
For general inquiries, contact Liz Dunsing at [email protected]
or (913) 269-4233.

Shop now for the Grace Extravaganza Auction Baskets! Donated items need to be in the church office by Wednesday, February 22. You can shop the basket gift list at Target or at Amazon. Signs around the church will have post-its you can take with items to purchase, as well as QR codes for the gift lists. Thank you for your support of Grace Missions!

Click Here to Shop TARGET

Click Here to Shop AMAZON

Grace Extravaganza GUMY Help Needed!

Grace Extravaganza is a church-wide fundraiser for mission work at GUMC with dinner, silent auction and a live auction. The youth ministry receives a substantial amount of funds from our generous and kind members who come to Grace Extravaganza.

Participation in GE is required for all students who are attending a mission trip this summer. Students help set up, take down, and serve our members throughout the night as a small way of saying “thank you” to our congregation.
Even if you are not sure if you are going on a mission trip, or you are certain you are not, we still need your help!

Not only is your presence a gift to the church, but you are deeply needed to help the evening run smoothly. GUMY Students help:
-serve dinner
-facilitate auction items
-help members get the proper item they’ve purchased
-run childcare
-greet members
-serve drinks and appetizers
-clean up dinner and the event as a whole
Thankful for all your help!

Let Us Know You Are Coming Here

Hygiene items may be dropped off at the Center of Grace or brought to worship on Sunday mornings at the Ridgeview Campus. Look for the labeled box in the welcome area. Thank you!

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