Tochi Buddies Update

The Tochimizolco Medical Mission was canceled due to the COVID-19 virus approximately a month before the team was scheduled to leave.  The president of the Clinic Board doesn’t live in Tochi, and couldn’t tell us what the situation was there.  Our prayer is that they are taking preventive measures and staying safe.

The team was very fortunate that American Airlines refunded the airfare completely and Blessings International where we purchase the majority of the medicine we take with us, allowed us to return the medicine for a full refund.

There have been a few Tochi Buddy/Ops donations and they can be returned if requested or stay in the account for the trip in 2021, God willing for the team to go.    Money will be sent for additional medicine in Tochi should they need it to replace what we usually take for their on-going use.  The usual quarterly support for the doctor, dentist and supplies has been sent and will continue to be sent.  Thank you to all who support this mission in prayer and donations and to Grace Church for caring about the people of this small mountainous place in the world.

Guatemala 2020 Summary and Photos

Pastor Cheryl, Carl Stoll, and John Moon from Grace UMC, along with 10 others from the Great Plains Conference, worked with Mission Guatemala at Chuisajpac, Guatemala from February 1-9, 2020. Their project was to build a retaining wall for a soccer/basketball field for the local school and community. Their tasks included tying rebar, laying blocks, and pouring concrete. During the week, they also visited a weaving coop, enjoyed a cultural presentation by a local Mayan group, played with the children of Chuisajpac, drank lots of locally grown coffee, and ate delicious food. Daily Devotions focused on John Wesley’s General Rules: ‘Do no harm, Do Good, and Stay in Love with God.’ Everyone enjoyed the beauty, warm weather, and hospitality of the Guatemalan people.

Adult Mission Trip to Guatemala in February, 2020

Take time away from the Kansas winter to participate on a mission team in the “land of eternal spring!”

Pastor Cheryl will be leading a mission team to Guatemala from February 1 to February 9, 2020. The team will work with Mission Guatemala, a faith-based nonprofit whose mission philosophy is based on John Wesley’s teaching: “Do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God.” The team is open to anyone who feels that their talents can be used by participating. Construction skills are needed, as well as unskilled, general laborers.

The approximate cost of the nine-day work trip is $1550. This covers airfare, local transportation, food, lodging, and most other trip-related expenses. Experience the beauty of Guatemala, and the hospitality, faith, and hope of the Guatemalan people. The team will be limited to 14 people, so sign up soon with a $150 deposit to secure your spot. Bring a check to the office, put in the offering plate, or bring it to Pastor Cheryl.

Please contact Pastor Cheryl with questions: [email protected]



Mission Opportunity – Tlancualpican, Mexico

Mission Team Opportunity – Give Ye Them To Eat, Tlancualpican, Mexico

Give Ye Them To Eat (GYTTE) is again hosting work teams and is looking for members from churches around the country.  Grace Church has a long and blessed history with GYTTE and has had team members experience work and community with people of Mexico over the years.  There are two possibilities for work experiences coming up this year that offer opportunities to understand the culture and reality of rural Mexico.  The Mission Commission will sponsor Grace members who want to take advantage of one of these mission team experiences by paying 1/2 of the team fee and also the project cost.  For more information about what each team will be doing, click on the link below to the letter outlining the activities and work.  The dates are July 5-13 and November 29-December 7.  To receive sponsorship from the Mission Commission, please contact Lois Waters at [email protected]