Why be a part of GUMY Life Groups?

This week Life Groups resume on Wednesday nights in GUMY. Our format will remain the same: time of gathering and games, musical worship by your student-led GUMY band, a brief message, and then we’ll break out into Life Groups. But why come be part of a Life Group?


The first reason would be deeper friendships. All of us are longing for connection, relationships and the desire to be known. Life Groups give us an opportunity to develop friendships, walk together in life with others, and be vulnerable in a safe space. Adult leaders help facilitate conversation, and ensure that each person is welcomed and part of the group.


Another reason to participate in Life Groups is that small-groups are a great opportunity for personal growth. In smaller settings we tend to learn more, ask questions, interact with material better, and let’s face it-small groups are much more interesting than a long pastoral sermon! Part of our mission at GUMY is to live like Jesus, and Life Groups help facilitate this better than any other method!


It is in the small-group setting that we become the kind of people who are able to change the world in dramatic ways. As Methodist, we remember our history as one of small-groups of people gathering together to pray, read Scripture and know each other personally. It was this that sparked revival in England and in America as the Methodist movement took off. This world is a hard place to live sometimes. Having a group of people who are with you, care for you, and know your struggles helps us better face the challenges and endure them with hope, and then do something about them so the world is a much  brighter place.


We’re eager to see you on Wednesday and happy to have you in a Life Group! If you want or need more information regarding Life Groups, give us a shout at [email protected]