Confirmation Registration is now open!

Confirmation is open for students 8th grade or above who want to become active members at GUMC, and grow in their relationship with God, other students, adult mentors and learn more about who they are in the world. Classes begin mid-March, 2022. They will be every Wednesday, 6:30-8pm. The first half-hour Confirmation participates in GUMY Youth Group, playing games and hanging out. At 7, Confirmation separates to be with Pastor Nanette and their mentors for class. Confirmation ends the last week of May, with the Ceremony being the first week of June.

We will provide a safe, loving and welcoming atmosphere. Confirmation classes are designed with every youth in mind. Every effort will be made to welcome youth, to listen to their individual needs and desires for the Confirmation program and to engage them in learning and activities that will allow them to meet new people and make friends. We will strive to engage students through videos, fun activities and games, projects, service, meaningful conversation. We will work together with you as a family, to bring the knowledge of faith and God’s love to every student, encouraging Confirmands to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that will hold them in their ups and downs of life.

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When does Confirmation Meet?
Confirmation Meets Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm, from March 23rd to June 1st.
We have found that when classes meet on a weekly basis, there is greater consistency in overall understanding with regular review and reinforcement; connections among class members grow stronger when they meet often; and most importantly, the ultimate decision about a relationship with Jesus Christ and the church is made from a depth of comprehension that comes from the regularity of study and worship.

What does Confirmation Study?
Most of what is taught in Confirmation centers on building a relationship with God through the grace of Jesus Christ. Secondarily, we learn about the workings and history of the United Methodist Church. We will talk about other denominations and ways of worship, but the focus will be on who we are and whose we are as children of the living God! The Confirmation process and journey has always been a deep priority of our ministry at Grace.

What is the Goal of Confirmation?
Our goal is for students to:
1. Make an informed and empowered decision to be Confirmed or not-both are totally acceptable decisions!
2. Develop strong relationships with other students, their mentors and GUMC ministry leaders
3. Learn more about the Christian faith and how it applies (or doesn’t apply) to their life-story and worldview

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