Perhaps you can recall serving on a committee with someone, visiting with them in the coffee shop or bumping into them in the doughnut line....but just couldn't remember their name. Not to worry, you are not alone! Fortunately, Grace United Methodist Church has a wonderful name tag system for those of us who don't have a photographic memory!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete this form for your entire family.

    • Legibly print the names of your family members as you wish to see it on your name tags (if you prefer a nickname, feel free to use it).
    • Indicate which name tag storage location is most convenient for your family based on which entry doors you use, where your Sunday School classroom is or which worship service you attend.
    • Watch your email letting you know which storage box your name tags will be stored in.
  2. Any time you are at Grace, retrieve your name tag from its designated storage box.
  3. On your way out, drop your name tag in a collection basket at the outside exits. The next time you come to Grace, your name tag will be ready for you back in the designated storage box.

We encourage everyone to participate whether you are a member of Grace or simply consider Grace your church home. If you have questions, please contact Tracy Hemsath, Director of Hospitality at (913) 859-0111, ext. 278.