How is my donation used for the church?

The Church through its Annual Meeting adopts around a two million dollar Unified Budget which incorporates the Budgets for Operation of the two campuses and the Budget for debt retirement and capital improvements of these campuses.  Twenty five cents out of every dollar raised goes for missions serving those in need in the Olathe Community and around the World.

What is the church budget? How do we come up with that number? 

The Administrative Board composed of representatives of all the constituencies and ministries of the Church is the governing body of Grace Church.  This Body through its Finance Committee compiles from the request of its ministry areas an annual budget.  This Budget is then used as information to the Congregation during its annual Stewardship Campaign.  The Campaign determines the projected income for the New Year and the Board balances income projections to projected expenses.  The Church then has a Budget/spending plan that it operates under for the year.